Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve; Hot, Hot, Hot!

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
New Year's Eve began with sleeping in late, eating yummy oatmeal, and going to yoga with two of my three men. It was the right way to start my day to begin with centering and healing. The intention I set for myself during my yoga practice was to be more focused in my everyday life.
Not a bad start to the day all in all. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day resting up for the big party. I'm no slouch when it comes to perfect party preparation.
I hadn't really been looking forward to this party, though, until just a few hours before. I'd been a bundle of nerves worrying about having company come, and making sure they had a good time with a bunch of people they didn't know. Plus, I didn't know the people who were hosting the party very well.
I beseeched my husband to let us all go out to a generic hotel/bar party where we would all be on the same footing so that we could solely enjoy each others company. He kept assuring me it would all work out. When our friends called to cancel I was actually relieved. I hate to say that because they are such old and dear friends. It's just how I felt.
It was that evening, as I was getting ready, that I began to look forward to a night out. My illness and cleansing had caused me to shed a few pounds; all in the right places for once. It was fun to pull on pants that hadn't fit in a couple of years, and a very sexy/groovy top that sparkled. I was lookin' hot! My hotness inspired my honey to feel me up as we headed out the door (goddesses love that when it comes from their one and only).
There were many, many people at the party. All of the beautiful Oolala's were there, of course. The five of us were the hottest women at the party, if I do say so myself, and I do because I am an expert in this area. We sparkled. Baby was there when we arrived. She was bejeweled and glowing carrying around her bottle of Jose Cuervo. She was wearing her new kick ass boots with the diamond encrusted boot bracelet. Lita was there too. I had noticed that she'd parked her little car close to the house as I came in. She had blatantly ignored the sign directing everyone to park in the field. It was perfectly understandable considering the hoochy-mama heels she was showing off. She was also wearing a short tight dress with a plunging neckline. Ouch!
I kept looking around for Tita and LaLa as I mingled with the other party guests. The whole house was just a little off balance without all five of us there. When finally she arrived, Tita, of course, looked gorgeous in her long black skirt and very low cut top (I have it on good authority that she was wearing a, 'Now That's a Damn Good Bra!' undergarment as well). Those girls of hers were definitely standing at attention; a fact her date did not miss an opportunity to be distracted by all night long. It was all too tempting for her date because I'm sure I caught a little nuzzlin' on the dance floor. Impossible to resist really.
I was becoming a little concerned about LaLa. We had considered coming together, and I was just a tad concerned. So, I was doubly glad when she walked in the door. The way her top sparkled, and her face glowed I'm guessing there was a little fooling around with her honey before they got out their door because she was looking tre oolala! As I approached her for a kiss, she was already being admired by everyone near the entrance. Finally, with all of the smoking hot Oolala's assembled the party was complete.
I didn't drink and I didn't eat much but, I did a whole lot of mingling and dancing. The evening entertainment began with my honey and another musician jamming for awhile. My man is so sexy when he beats his drum. This impromptu jam session caused a delay in the dance part of the evening however, and some of us were itching to get our groove on. When the musicians moved off of the dance floor Tita got the action going without delay. It was a sister fest of ogle worthy proportions. My man joined us when the feather boa came out. He cannot resist doing his little boa dance. There was even an element of danger to his dance as he was performing right under the ceiling fan (who knew it was dangerous to be tall?) He's no idiot either; he was having the hot women all to himself. Not to be outdone, Lita's husband came out wearing her full length leopard print coat. The host found him a pimp hat, and then the women were all over him. It was a wild night, and this was after the midnight kissing and fireworks! I'm guessing more than a few people got lucky in the wee hours of the New Year. Now, that's hot.
May you have peace, and get your groove on, in the New Year from, The Goddess of Everything

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Cat said...

Oh dear Goddess on high!

How blessed are we mortals (the royalty) who were most grateful to share the company of your most Divine presence and your royal boa dancing & drumming consort on the aforementioned New Year's Eve! Indeed, your dancing, heavenly, glittery, blessed cleavaged self was not to be missed!
Amidst the bourgeousie and other red-necked mortal folks around our sainted queendom, we simply must have more Goddess wisdom from thy flying typing fingers on high.

your devoted Tita