Saturday, March 10, 2007

Time To Be Funny, Again

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

It's time to be funny again.
I haven't been, or felt, particularly funny the last couple of months.
Last night I went to see, 'Wild Hogs'. I laughed so hard I wet my pants--
several times.
I have no idea what criteria movie critics use to critique a movie. I don't think they consider the watchability factor. Sure, a Brokeback Mountain, or a Capote are swell movie fodder, but you don't necessarily want to watch them more than once. Give me a two star movie any day over an art film.
There's a time and place for artsy fartsy, but there are many more times and places for fun-time movies.
The best time I ever had at a movie was watching, 'Snakes On A Plane', at the Baghdad, eating beer and pizza, and shouting at the screen with the rest of the movie revelers. I knew it was going to be good, and it was!
This year I refused to see most of the Oscar nominated films because they were too much of a drag. I need laughter in my life. Not watching the movies didn't stop me from dressing up like a dreamgirl, and partying down at the nearest Oscar party. However, the only movies I cared about were Dreamgirls, and Little Miss Sunshine. Two very fun movies.
This is going to be the year of fun for me. No raining on my parade from anyone, inside or outside of my personal reality.
Today I went shopping to buy a new pair of pants, and a purse.
I came home with two hot dresses, a ridiculous pair of shoes, and three pairs of wild earrings. I will not be constrained by the hum-drum right now. Apparently, hum-drum is not an exclusive category. I may have to wear evening gowns to teach in, having no desire to buy sensible attire, but the kids will love it!
Who knows what the future holds, but at least I am sure it won't lack for laughs.
May peace, laughter, and a silly pair of earrings be yours, from, The Goddess of Everything.