Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Misdirected Mourning

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
I am still hung up on the recent haircut. The one where I held up my fingers with this much space between them [ ], and the stylist cut this much hair off [ ________________ ]. I had really long hair.
I mean, I was only 8 inches away from my fanny. Now I have 'longish' hair -- above my freaking bra strap. (And, as low as that is these days, it isn't all THAT low).

I don't get these people! She said she understood about long hair. She said someone had once cut off too much of her hair. Whatever . . . What trip are these hair people on?

I am sad, sad, sad about my hair. Grandma died, but all I can think about is my hair. Is that demented, or what? Grandma would understand though. Just last month she was eating soup when she asked, "Is this for me to weave a rope to heaven?" as she held up a single strand of my hair.
Ooops . . .

Will I ever dig myself out of this grief? Only grandma will understand what I am really crying about at her funeral on Friday. She gets it. She was a goddess too.

May your grief be frivolous when frivolous is called for from, The Goddess of Everything. (Wishing you jewels in heaven, Grandma)

Monday, November 26, 2007

On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

Today the goddess expresses herself in a picture:

May the ability to truly express yourself be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.

Wine, Oh Wine, Oh Whino

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
Wine, wine, wine.
Why do I drink so much wine?Why can't I stop with just one glass? Why does my brain not have an off switch? It used to have an off switch. At least, I have a vague memory of being able to stop drinking before my nose turned red.
Of course, like any little disturbance in my life, drinking too much wine triggers a nocturnal awakening. The kind where I would really rather be sleeping, but I can't -- no matter how much I lay there tossing and turning. And, why may I ask, doesn't tossing and turning wear one out enough to fall back to sleep? At least I'm burning calories in bed. It would be great if they weren't the same empty ones I had so recently consumed.
Wine is just so good. I love it so much. I love the shape of the glass, holding the stem, bringing it to my lips. I love that first touch on the tongue, when I can feel it silky smoothness just before I taste it.
Ahhh. . . that is a relaxing thought. Perhaps I will go back to bed, and imagine myself bobbing, in a wine glass, in a sea of wine.
May the memory of sobriety be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
As I am inspired by my goddess sister, Katy, I will make a list.
Here are ten things you may now know about me:
1. I prefer red wine to white
2. I can walk around in the dark like a blind person
3. Cow milk upsets my stomach
4. I dream in color
5. I prefer silence to background noise, except the sound of the ocean
6. I used to ride a motorcycle, but now I'm afraid to
7. Other than my husband, my best friends are all women
8. When I drink alcohol, I almost always overindulge
9. I don't eat fast food
10. When I share a bed, I have to be touching the other person, or it takes me hours to fall asleep
Bonus. I've read Wuthering Heights 17 times.
May indulgence be yours from, The Goddess of Everything

Joan Fowler of Salem, Oregon

The Goddess speaks about herself:

Are you looking for me? Here I am. Simply sign up, and make a comment. I will respond.
As always I am stunning, intelligent, kind, and under the spell of the moon.

May you find your inner Batgirl from, The Goddess of Everything.

Oh My God, Oh My God

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

Another sleepless night in goddess land. When will I ever sleep through the night again?
Is this nocturnal alertness a sign of something? An opportunity?
This is how I feel about not sleeping:Not good. Now I can't even upload the video I want to share.
Very, very cranky goddess!!!