Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My First All About Me

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
It is the day the dog fence gets finished. This is a day of joyous jubilation as it is a day that has been promised and recanted a thousand times over 7 years.
When my beloved was trying to convince me to buy this house, with its 5 acres of dead cars strewn about, and a tatoo parlor in the dining room, I had some conditions.
#1. A fence to keep the dogs in. (Number two was a promise to keep the yard work up and maintain the upkeep of a very large, very unfinished farmhouse but, that is another hundred blogs).
To be fair, a fence was immediately erected. With big equipment and a three man crew I was certain to be made happy. But, NO! What kind of fence did I get? One that kept my dogs from taking off to knock over other people's garbage and chase the school bus? One that kept those very same dogs from getting picked up by the dog catcher, requiring $600 for their release? NO!!! It was a PEREMITER fence. It was a MAN fence. The fence spoke, and it said, "This is my property!" My beloved was so concerned that the next door neighbors would be confused about what was theirs and what was ours that he couldn't sleep until a physical boundry existed. It couldn't keep a horse contained but, it let everyone know where our property line was.
Here I am today, with a fence. It's not the pretty white one I had picked out 6 years ago. It is not even the rustic cedar post fence I had said I would be happy with. It is a very ugly post and wire fence, with big, ugly, ten foot metal gates (just in case we need to drive the tractor through the dog area). The entire yard has been torn up by some weird bulldozer thingy that the fence guys are always driving around but, never really doing anything with. Now the dog area is a mud pit instead of the nice grassy place to keep their paws clean while they run and play. BUT, I have a dog fence, and that's really all that matters.
Peace and Blessings to you from,


Auntie Em said...

Santa, will you bring me The Complete Idiot's Guide to Subscribing to This Blog?

Dear Santa, I really, really want it!

-- Ellen Ska.

Keeper of Secrets said...

dog fences change lives;there will be a beautiful butterfly effect and all will be healed