Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Getting Focused

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
We have a friend, L. He is a GSD (Get Shit Done) guy. He sees something that needs doing and he does it. Bam. It's done. I am not a GSD. Not right away anyway. It can take me months, years even to get a project done. Once I start I'm either easily distracted, or so task oriented that I cannot veer from my task to save my life. There's no middle ground. Then, when I get a project done I am utterly exhausted, collapsing in a heap to spend a week in recovery.
I can not figure out why I put some things off for so long. Why? Why? Why? Take my son's senior pictures for instance. We had his pictures taken in August, and at the same time did family photos for Christmas gifts. I brought the proofs home and they have been hanging on the closet door(in a bag) ever since. I can't bring myself to make a selection. We didn't even get our Christmas cards out this year because I couldn't deal with the pictures. What's up with that? It should have been so easy. It wasn't like we were trooping to the portrait studio at the last minute. I can't ask our son to decide because he is spending this year abroad. He picked out the one he wanted in the year book and vamoosed for an island far away. I wish I could go to an island far away.
That's it! I want a rest, a holiday, a retreat, a. . . what did they call it in the original Alfie movie when the doctor sent him to a sanatorium to rest? That's what I need; a doctor authorized rest on an island far away. Preferably a tropical island, not the icy cold one my son chose.
The island is necessary because I actually have to be far away from the responsibilities of every day life. But, what if that is what I have been manufacturing already? The reason I can't get things done is because I have created a private oasis in my mind where my responsibilities are not allowed.
If this is the case then maybe it is time to come home from my mental vacation. I'm starting to see a beacon across the sea. Waaa. Waaaa. Waaaa. (cue foghorn)
Trips over!
Time to get up off of my delectable laurels and toss aside my flowered lei!
I'm going to be a GSD. (for today at least)
Peace and a clear mind be yours from, the goddess of everything.

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