Sunday, May 13, 2007

Preparing For Prohibition

Today the goddess speaks about herself:
The alcohol in the cupboard calls to me. It calls like a yodeler on an alpine mountain top, annoying but, crystal clear.
Therefore today I have told my husband to prepare for in-house prohibition. We will drink no more after the last of the alcohol in the house has been consumed. Turns out there is quite a bit of liquor in the old cabinet above the fridge (not to mention the wine cooler).
We are both doing our part to make prohibition happen. It could take weeks, if we go slow, so we are not going so slowly. I predict that we will be free of the devil Drink within 48 hours. I am now preparing myself with an elixir of wolf berry juice and painkillers.
There will not be a drop of spirits, in this house, within the next two days, if it kills me.
This is my declaration.
May Peace and a cast iron stomach be yours from: The Goddess of Everything

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