Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Best Laid Plans

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

I can't seem to get done anything that really needs doing. My summer break is speeding by, and I haven't even gotten a handle on my bedroom closet. I've got the walking thing down, and the lying around thing down. I lost an entire day this week to a migraine. My head is still fuzzy. 

Today, I was nearly two hours into an epic walk when I realized that it was Wednesday. I was supposed to have met Kiggibaby at the gym in the morning. It was 12:30 when the memory shot through the top of my brain, and lodged in my shoe. Dang! I got up this morning and did everything I had planned to do the day before. The day I spent rocking back and forth and breathing in and out very, very deliberately.  I get the kind of migraines that begin with a loss of vision. It starts as if I am looking through a very narrow kaleidoscope, and keeps narrowing until my vision is completely gone. That's when every muscle in my body starts tightening up. Olguita's neurologist called it a 'headache-less migraine". Uh, dude, it hurts. I'm not alternately banging my head against the floor, and violently throwing up like the migraines of my past, but it's not "headache-less".  I spent all day waiting for my appointment to fix the stupid thing. Two hours getting it fixed with acupuncture, and the rest of the evening feeling sorry for myself having lost an entire day.

So, I got up today, and headed out for my walk. I completely forgot about the gym. I hope Kiggibaby forgives me. Today the walk, and dying my roots. I needed to clean the kitchen, pay bills, and fold the piles of laundry all over my bed, rocking chair, and the dryer. But, no. those things did not get done. I did think about how to organize myself.
I was thinking I would do it like a story outline. "Somebody, Wanted, But, So . . . "
"The goddess wanted the kitchen to be clean, but watching television got in the way so, she had Nicole do it on Thursday". Except Nicole doesn't clean the kitchen, and really, she isn't necessarily needed to vacuum and mop anymore since the doc OK'd me for all activities. It's just that she was already scheduled, AND she likes to vacuum and mop. I would be denying her pleasure as well as twenty-four bucks.

I answered the phone this evening. It was someone from Kaiser to schedule my MRI. I got to use my parichardial bovine card. She needed the information on it. When I was instructed to keep it with me at all times I have to admit, I kinda, sorta scoffed. I mean come on, are there heart valve police out there, who are going to pull me over, and check that I have my card? Apparently there are. There are, and they call after eight pm.  

I'm really, really tired. However, my bed is covered in whites and work out clothes. I have to fold before I can snuggle in between my soft, cool, white sheets. Darn, why did I put off my chores earlier? Tomorrow, I am going to be a good girl. Get those chores out of the way, apologize to Kiggibaby, work out, AND make time to lie around.

May peace and a plan for your day be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Oh, Baby! Do I sympathize! I'm still putting off the laundry so you're one step ahead of me! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who receives weird @ss calls after dinner. ?huh? It's like the dinner bell rings and the strange people start better make sure you have that card on you at all times!
Love ya, ttptog

Sister2 said...

Your niece isn't letting me comment. She has other plans for me.

New York Acupuncturist said...

Have you ever considered acupuncture for your migraines? I have helped a lot of patients become migraine-free without the side effects of medication. You should look for a good acupuncturist in your area.

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

You've had fairly good success with accupuncture havent' you goe?

I know that with my particular problems that I DO get migraine pain relief while the needles are in, but the minute they remove them, the pain comes right back...

The best day I've had in 11 years was a visit to the accupuncturist where he left the needles in for me, sticking out of the top of my head as I left. I was out of pain until about 10pm when I had to take the needles out to go to bed.

If I could afford the $60-120 I was paying per visit then (of if the insurance company cared!) I'd be doing it still.
blessings, ttptog