Sunday, August 24, 2008

So Many Happy Hours, So Little Time

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

The beloved and I spent a marvelous two days, one night in the big city of the Land of Port. Portland, to you newbies. We did it up right too. We bi-passed all of the cultural events and made our way from happy hour to happy hour. I even got the best mani-pedi in the known world. (The woman is a witch).

My beloved has sadly neglected me all summer. I INSISTED on a couple of days together. . .     . . . alone.
We started with a body work appointment. (I must have my organs manipulated -- it's an addiction of mine). It was my husband's first time with "she who intuits and manipulates". He was much impressed. He can now breathe with the full use of his lungs and bronchial passages. He is a convert. I had her work on my "anger issues" - more about that later.

After our body work, we hooked up for lunch at St. Honore. My husband lived in France for a year. He swears that St. Honore is as close to French cuisine as one can get. We satiated every sense, AND left with a box of French desserts for the morning. If you are ever having a hankering for 'real' french soup, bread, coffee, dessert . . . hoof it up to NW Thurman and 23rd Place, in Portland. I really couldn't imagine having room for more food, but I certainly had room for 'happy hour'. (I must mention here that I ran into our school counselor at New Renaissance book store, where I purchased Mandala coloring books for my students -- if you don't know how soothing it is to color a mandala design, then you are truly lacking in self-awareness; catch up!). Our lovely counselor has co-written a book on calming children through yoga. It is an amazing book, and coinkidinkily, she is going to be on my friend, Helen's, TV show next week. I was thrilled to have run into her. It is amazing how small the world truly is.

To elaborate on the smallness of the world, while my honey and I were walking hand in hand through the city we ran into someone else we knew. I wanted to get a mani-pedi at, Oasis, in the Pearl district. We breezed by to check out the operating hours. In so doing, we saw that, Susan, director of our family owned gallery, was enjoying a pedicure herself. I really think I should garner a deeper relationship with that woman -- we have so much in common. She once loaned me her copy of, The Other Boleyn Girl (The movie wasn't that good). Now, I see that she has perfect taste, not only in books and employment, but in self care as well. I am duly impressed.

We left Susan to leisurely stroll back to our Park Place condo. On the way we were sidetracked by a happy hour sign. Mmmmm . . . the best sweet and sour martini I have ever had, duck spring rolls, and a mango sauced, deep friend scallops. I was in heaven. That was at Sangori. We next skipped to Fanouille, for a cheese plate to go, and risotto with wild mushrooms, drenched in truffle oil. Truffle oil is like chocolate to me. We took our culinary, boxed treasures back to the condo, switched on the gas lit fireplace, and soaked ourselves in French take-away and Italian wine. I was transported to another realm. 

Too soon, my perfect time in the city had to end. First, we hooked up with the only man my husband allows on my, "God forbid if anything should happen to my husband", list, Jay. We took him to Laurelwood, for  the best garlic fries west of anywhere, and another trip to New Renaissance. Then, we headed home. A too short mini-vaca.

May peace and an eclectic city be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.


Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

You have me jealous...wonderful self-indulgence and time with your honey...oooh yeah! Love you, ttptog

Tristessa said...

Good for people to know.