Sunday, June 8, 2008


Today the goddess speaks about herself:

Ack!!  I have jock itch!

It's unspeakable, and yet I have spoken it -- publicly at that.

Our family has been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. Due to family matters that are private (yes, some things are private around here) my husband and I have been out of our minds with worry.  So, the rash developing on my inner leg was not given much attention until it really started to hurt. I didn't know what it was. The moments I even gave it any thought, I speculated that it was some reaction to the adhesive from all of the bandages, and electrical plugs that were attached to me lately. 

It wasn't until I was scrabbling through my underwear drawer, looking for the softest, most non-chafing undies that I came clean to my husband.  "It's jock itch".  He just said it so matter of factly.   "Jock itch!" I screamed.   "How can I have jock itch?"  "I'm a girl."
Evidently girls can get it. How could I have raised two boys, and not know a thing about jock itch? It baffles the mind, it truly does. 

My husband rifled through HIS drawer, and tossed me a tube of anti-fungal cream. Apparently, every guy keeps that stuff handy. He told me it clears up really fast once you start treating it.
Well, I guess that explains why I never noticed if he had jock itch or not.  GROSS!

There are just some things I do not want to know about. For instance, I don't want to know that the frozen juice bars I've been eating three or four of everyday are twenty carbs each. I don't want to know how jello is made, or what chemicals are in my hair dye. AND, I most certainly DO NOT want to know anything about jock itch.

May peace and a blind eye be yours from:  The Goddess of Everything.


Sister2 said...

If your family is very stressed, then should I be very stressed? Am I attending a graduation this week or should I spend the money on a massage?

~Sister3 said...

~hope your not still feeling

~I always did say your Hubby was
quite a Fun-gi!