Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Recovering From Unrealistic Optimism

Today the goddess speaks about herself: 

My horoscope says that I am going to spend the end of my day recovering from 'unrealistic optimism'.  What is that? How can optimism be unrealistic? It's optimism. Dream big; believe in the unbelievable.  Plus, I don't need to recover from one more thing right now.

Big news:  I am now allowed to drive. I thought  I would be more excited, but I find that I actually like to be chauffeured everywhere.  I am kind of surprised to find that I'm not chaffing under a lack of independence.  Of course, my lack of enthusiasm could stem from my attachment to my heart pillow.  After my surgery, the hospital provided me with a red heart-shaped pillow to press against my chest for protection. I use it for getting in and out of bed, coughing, and when I ride in the car.  I ride around with that pillow pressed firmly against my chest more for comfort now than protection from pain.  If I'm in the driver's seat, I won't be able to hug my pillow. I'm not ready to let go just yet.  It will happen. Oooh, is that a bit of optimism kicking up it's little head?

I eventually gave up my bunny pillow. I'm not sure just when I was able to get through a day or night without it. My sister gave me a big comfy bunny shaped pillow while I was in the hospital. I clutched that pillow for weeks -- day and night. I hauled it up and down the  stairs every morning, and every night.  It was pretty comical to see me walking around, like a toddler with her blankie, binky, and favorite stuffed animal, hauling my two pillows everywhere I went.  
I love my bunny pillow too. Now that I have that off my chest it is time to go back to my original topic. 

What am I optimistic about anyway? I don't think I am at all. My horoscope is w - r- o- n- g.
It could be optimistic of me to sit on the toilet. I am taking plug-u-up drugs right now. It could be optimistic of me to get up in the morning. The weather is so bad it feels like we should all be in hibernation. It could also be optimistic of me to make one more attempt at watching, The View. It seems like that show should be good, but it never is.  The View. There it is; my unrealistic optimism recovery moment.   Ahhh . . .      I am glad that is settled in my mind. Now I can rest to try another day.

May peace and optimism of any kind be yours from:  The Goddess of Everything.


Charise Marie said...

I'll keep it brief.
1. Bunny pillow/heart pillow. Don't let go.
2. Being driven around...I am a mass transit convert. I am currently trying to avoid driving altogether.
3. Optimism? No such thing as too much, unrealistic or unfounded. Find a new horoscope source...
4. You are awesome. Hope to see you soon.

Sister2 said...

Your horoscope is wrong? How can this have happened to two sisters in one month? The other day I saw zodiac coffee cups featuring two different words, supposedly representative of each person's main personality traits, so of course I looked for mine. Mine were "Tolerant" and "Mysterious." I don't know which one is more wrong than the other. Okay, Tolerant is the most wrong, but that's because I can at least pretend to be Mysterious, while it's quite obvious that I haven't reached nirvana because of my inability to cultivate more tolerance. I am not looking at those types of mugs again, for fear they'll say something more wrong like "Secure" "Sanguine" and "Successful" when it should say, "Anxious, Insecure, and Judgmental."