Thursday, February 1, 2007

Where Are Those Melanopsin Ganglion Cells When You Need Them?

Today the goddess speaks about herself.

It's a sunny day outside but, I choose to sit here in front of my portable luminaire. You know, the light box that is supposed to replicate sunlight for those with SAD. My annual Seasonal Affective Disorder started coming on a couple of weeks ago. It really hit last night. All of a sudden. The experience was very similar to feeling the 'whoosh' of serotonin leave my brain during PMS time.
I was just sitting in the big chair, the one that makes me feel like that Lily Tomlin character -- fill in the blank -- I can't remember her character's name; the little girl one, who sat in a big chair.
My big chair also has a giant ottoman so, my feet were up. I had my dinner plate on my lap. One minute I was enjoying my dinner and, caring about watching a particular show on TV. The next second I just didn't care about anything. I mechanically finished my dinner and kind of zoned out for an hour.
I went to bed very early in the hopes that I would feel better in the morning. Morning. Nada. Sigh.
I think my melanopsin proteins jumped ship, possibly my cones and rods as well. What's a SAD girl to do when she doesn't have enough melanopsin ganglion cells to trick her into feeling happy in the gloom of winter? I need some feedback here. Make it funny; I'm not interested in self-help. I've read all of the books. I need to laugh! Except-- wait-- I take that back. I do not want to be sent a lot of cute pictures of puppies and internet jokes that have been sent to me a million and one times already. (Trust me, there are no new ones). I need something bawdy, baby!
I need to kick up my heels and DANCE!!!!!
My remedy for my lack of melanopsin thingies is a laundry list of little things that may help.
1. Sit next to my light box for 30 minutes
2. Wear jeans to work on top of sexy underwear
3. Wear a sparkly top and pink lipstick
4. Make my students dance around me and sing 'She's The One', from A Chorus Line
5. Make slime, in Science, instead of doing the boring lesson that was planned
6. Buy a new pair of earrings
Retail therapy really helps a lot but, I don't love to shop when I am in this mood. Also, there are a limited number of stores in my town. I can however, find earrings at the local art gallery. Notice that there are no food treats on my list. Due to my my internal flora balancing, of late, I have no cravings. Damn. All I do is sit around losing weight. If a girl can lose weight just by sitting around, and still be feeling down in the dumps, you know this is not the normal blues. So,
I have a plan. A plan should be on my list of What To Do In Case My Melanopsin Proteins Jump Ship.(copyrighted title to my next book)
7. Make a plan to compensate for loss of melanopsin ganglion cells
I have my plan. Do you have yours? I'd love to read your list!
May peace and an abundance of melanopsin thingies be yours from, the Goddess of Everything


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