Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today the goddess speaks about herself:
It's official. I'm sick. Bring on the chicken soup, and  lemon and honey tea. Where's my mother? Dad used to come home from work, when we stayed home sick, and bring us 7-Up, saltines, and chicken noodle soup. I want THAT.  Oh, yeah, I'm old.  The HFCS in 7-Up spikes my insulin. The gluten in saltines makes me more congested, and the Campbell's we used to eat has MSG that triggers migraines. I miss the 'good old days' of being sick. May your memories make you happy if not well, The Goddess of Everything.

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Sondra Miller-Prowett said...

I don't know how I missed this Progresso soup. No msg. pretty good. but you still have gluten from the noodles in the chicken unless you go for rice. And there are always sesame rice crackers or nut crackers....kisses. SMOOCH! Come see me soon in Gresham.