Saturday, March 6, 2010

S.U.D. (Status Update Disorder)

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

Due to Facebook, I find my mind participating in status update think. As every thought I have does not belong on Facebook, I have decided to post these updates here.
I cannot promise this will not be annoying. You may choose not to read this post.
I will not be offended. Much.

1. feeling bitchy
2. the sunshine is getting on my last nerve
3. i am just a snot machine, and i make snot for nobody but me
4. eating barbara's baked cheese puffs in the dark, and watching Kathy Griffin on YouTube
5. how many more narcissistic sociopaths can my life accommodate?
6. people who create constant chaos and drama need their own island far, far from the rest of us.
7. ooh, a yeast infection AND my period--what a happy day for me.
8. I am so full of crap!
9. If I tell, something bad will happen...
10. shut up, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!
11. no longer able to feed my angel addiction (the tv series, that is).
12. watching another Lifetime movie until the Xanax kicks in.
13. Strike me down and I shall rise again.
14. I am so beyond unhappy.
15. Furlough day 4 of 5, yet I still have to go to work. Oh right, I'm supposed to be happy that I HAVE a job.

to be continued...

May you be indiscreet in private from, The Goddess of Everything


Anonymous said...

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Sister2 said...

Me thinks the "Anonymous said..." used an on-line translator to say thank you. Pretty cool.

Goddess of Everything said...

I figured something like that. But, if the person used a translator for comment, how did my blog turn out going through the other way?

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

Kisses! You always make me laugh!

sofia123 said...

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