Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whirled Peas

Tonight the goddess speaks about herself:

I cannot sleep, again. 
My mind is whirling like the peas foretold on the car bumpers of old yuppies.
My body temperature does not regulate. 
I am too cold to fall asleep.
I can feel my toes
As if they are a separate part of my body.

My brain is a pool.
All thoughts are precariously balanced. 
They sit staring at the water
Hesitant to jump in case the water is intemperate. 
But, the water is nothing. 
It's just water.

Inside my chest, I can hear my heart.
It is annoyingly loud. 
Something is foreign in there. 
I can't seem to get my mind away from the edge of the pool
stop the
precarious thoughts, 
the cold toes, 
the too loud heart.

May peas and quiet be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.


clarissa said...

i like your blog its nice.....

PERCY said...

Ok, interesante información