Monday, March 2, 2009

It's All Been Said Before

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

I haven't written in awhile. Every time I come up with and idea, I read another's blog, who has already stated my point of view. EVERYONE is writing something these days. Good or bad, it all seems to be out there. Also, I haven't felt very funny, but that's another story -- I think . . .

What's left to say? Well, I feel overexposed. I've been on Facebook for a few months now, and it seems like my business is like laundry hanging out to dry in the surburbs. I've done it to myself; filling out all of those surveys and lists about myself. One blogger likened it to the little morsels of pillow talk one usually spills out over months of dating. I've just upchucked myself all over the internet.

Cousin S admitted that it was a bit Narcissistic. This had occurred to me when I first set out on my little FB adventure. I deliberately chose to allow myself to be a narcissist in this particular environment. It's fun. Why not? 

Now, as I find myself, overexposed and wanting to pull back I have to think about how that is going to work. I notice my eldest son and his friends never post a status update. They rarely check the site except to post pictures of/for each other. That seems reasonable -- well, save for the one guy who always posts the pictures of everyone else drinking, drinking, drinking at parties. That's got to get old after a bit. 

I don't want to leave the environment, I simply want to pull in a bit. The catalyst came when someone was suggested to me, as a friend, that I was not prepared to have know anything personal about me. I immediately went in and amped up my privacy settings.  My next step may be to erase my most personal details. I've already begun that process by taking down some of my info. It won't be as much fun perhaps, but the landscape has changed. I am no longer surrounded by only trusted friends. There are all of these friends of friends, and neighbors, and former students, and their parents, and the checker at the grocery store. This will not do. Not for me.

Besides, who will want to read my blog, if they get tired of me over there? I'm kind of tired of me over there. If  I think of all of the people in the world, is there anyone else left who I really want to connect with? Maybe. Maybe there is someone whom I have forgotten that I loved to be around, and we will find each other there. It will have to be through a friend though. I've gotten all private again.

May peace and less exposure be yours from, The Goddess of Everything.


PerfectMomentProject said...

Fake or not, @notmayaangelou put me back in contact with the great poet.
Maya Angelou, I'm following YOU!

Sister2 said...

My privacy settings are all set so that only "friends" can see stuff, not networks or even friends of friends. Also, when someone at work asked about it, I said that it's place for me to catch up with family and that I didn't necessarily want to communicate with co-workers there. He completely understood. Yeah, I think it's possible to have fun there, but to not put everything out there. I don't say where I work, for example. I was very hesitant to say the town I live in, but then it became a bit silly. Yeah, I can see pulling back a bit, but still keeping up with people could be good.

Sister2 said...

*cough, cough* Unless you're talking about me. ;-)

Goddess of Everything said...

No, Sister2. I was not talking about you. What is there about me YOU DON"T know? Nothing.
Do you ever see bumper stickers that make you mad?You are just driving along, and you pull up behind a nice looking car, and the next thing you know you are steaming? That is what happened to me a couple of times when I read the profiles of people wanting to be facebook friends. I really barely knew them, (but see them frequently around town) and after reading their info. didn't feel like they needed to get personal with me.

Sister2 said...

Some of those people, I just click the less about them button and try not to hear anything they say.

With the person(s) you're talking about, would it matter if you offended them by deleting their profiles?

I find one FB friend's repeated calls for prayers to be chafing, but I know that if I deleted him, it would truly hurt his feelings, so I just try to ignore him. For me, because of the way that I am, that's good practice for me.

Well, FB isn't an intimate gathering with your closest friends. It's a giant wedding reception where everyone mingles from all your different worlds. That's the part that's starting to wear on you, I guess.

Ellen Etc said...

You can also find that Facebook slider for "less about" and "more about" certain people, though that doesn't stop them from voyeuristically enjoying details of YOUR life.

But you, Dear Goddess, are the life of the party on Facebook. So I hope you will go ahead and adjust your privacy settings but not take the extreme step of censoring your SELF. Because I think you are fascinating and hilarious and adorable, and the rest of the world should too.

Things that puzzle this other goddess.... said...

I agree with EllenEtc, but I know that I click the little less about../more about... quite often. ;D I love quite a few of the people I've met out there though...and yes, I did find out stuff I didn't know about you through those silly ass quizes....but I just don't do them if I don't want everybody on my friends list seeing them....nobody else has access to my stuff.

Don't go away...we love you...