Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anxiety Ridden

Today the goddess speaks about herself:

Guess what? I can't sleep. Again. I have to be the most boring blogger on the planet. Every other entry is about my inability to sleep through the night. What am I, a newborn?

Anyway, my fabulous sisters commented on my blog. Now I feel like I exist. Our mother made us get our pictures taken every five years. I've included the current photo. I know, I know, we're hot. Get over it.

I had acupuncture and a massage today. Still every muscle in my body is in the 'locked' position. My brain is a fog of anxious thoughts. I figure that is why I have allowed myself to be stupefied by the television and several dozen books this week. I even read, Into The Wild. Total guy book. Also, not for a mother of a teenage boy who reads Kerouac, and is looking to test himself.

My husband suggested I take one of my pills. That is code for, take one of your pills because I can not handle you when you are like this, and I really just want to listen to my night time radio program, while I fall asleep without any trouble. (That pill must have been a little bitter).

What I have been doing is cruising my kids' web-sites and copying their pictures. I found a really cute one of the twins. They are both 23 now. Six months apart with different parents, but it
works for them. They are out celebrating the current birthday right this second. Thank god they have each other.
I am such a terrible mother. I didn't even get my
child a card for his special day. I called him. He'll get money. Hopefully, he won't fret about no cake. My children are not fond of cake. That has presented some birthday tradition problems over the years. Birthday fruit salad seems to be the favorite for the young one. This one would probably vote for a beer with a floating candle. Oh, how they grow up . . . If I could, I would fly to Texas to smack his girlfriend upside the head. There's a story there, but I guess it falls under mother/son confidential. I'm sure his soul friend will give him some great advice tonight. No, she will probably get him drunk and let him sleep on her couch with her cat. Whatever cheers him up. It used to be pop rocks and a pillow fight. Like I said, how they grow up.

This is about the time I wish that one of our hot tubs worked. I could use a soak. I must run a bath, and try to submerge my rubenesque form into the warm water. It's only an hour into the next day.

May peace and a deep tub be yours from: The Goddess of Everything

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Charise Marie said...

Hi Sweetie! Sorry to hear you want to smack Luke's girlfriend...did I read that right? If so, then I want to smack her too. I just don't know why.